a hope in the midst of concerns

Banyak hal baik yang kuterima kemarin. Atau tepatnya, banyak hal baik yg selama ini kuterima, tapi kemarin jadi tersadar. A close friend listened patiently to my problems (thank you, Siti); my beloved man helped me debugging my subset simulation code (thank you, dear); HRH my Prof agreed to close our discussion on the bivariate normality. More importantly, he talked in an optimistic way, gave me many ideas how to incorporate our paper into my research proposal (it was very clever of him, how does he know that I have been thinking about that, about how to make this paper not in vain, how to fit this paper to my proposal). And what’s more, to my surprise, he even sent an email giving a summary of his ideas. Thank you, Prof.

And above all, thank you, Lord.

berita dari rumah: Jason kena campak (morbili). Bukannya udah imunisasi ya. Tapi kata Mama ini bukan campak beneran (?). Tadi Chris nyariin Gerbernya Jason ga ada…duh mesti berburu Gerber malem ini.


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