Had a sweet (yes, no word can be more suitable) weekend. Piacevole. No tight schedule, no rush. Tranquillo. Delicious food, simple yet so pleasant cooking sessions, tender feelings. And that embrace. Even now I can still recall my feelings then. The sincere acceptance,the sweet enjoyment, the will to submit; all kind of experiences I thought will never come to me. And a good book! What can I ask for more? Cardinal Newman seems to be a real man, in the best sense of the word.

A bit distraction in Sunday afternoon. I still can’t stand the idea of bowing my head to any person who (in my opinion) does not deserve it. Oh, arrogant me. I used to say “I’m not bowing my head” but I’m more than willing to bow my head to my Creator. Then I say “I’m not bowing my head to any mortals” but then I realize that I will surely bow (be it literally or metaphorically) to my parents, teachers, and my earthly lord. So now I use a softer statement (hmm, indeed a graduate student…never say a strong statement).