this evening I attend Prof Q’s lecture. He covered the random process. He discouraged me to come since I should know all things he taught by now; however, all my knowledge about random process up to now is purely my understanding, so I think it’s good to listen to other people’s explanation. I’m glad that my understanding on some basic concepts seem to agree with his explanation. Furthermore, he also taught about first passage probability and mean upcrossing rate; I have not studied those issues. So it was very interesting. During the lectures, I can’t help staring at him and thinking, how come he know so much? I want to know that much or even more. I really want to know, to learn, to master a specific field, to teach. All field of study seems very interesting now. Random vibration is surely interesting, earthquake is cool, geotechnic is rich, and of course, theology is overwhelming. Oh, the unspeakable riches of His wisdom.