Trustworthy information

I grow more and more impatient with all those friends who keep sending me forwarded emails from who-knows-who. A woman feels her eyes itchy, go to a doctor, and pops! there is worms in her eyes. Another woman had her tongue swollen, go to a doctor, and pops! go the cockroaches. Yiiiy. Some emails even provide a picture (and nobody seems have the least common sense to just put a ‘disgusting picture warning’ in the email. Hello! Not all people find delight in staring at your disgusting pictures, ok?). And there is another type of junks: do you know that KFC use no chicken anymore? They use genetically-altered fat monster with no beaks and no feathers? do you know that there can be lintah growing in your kangkung? Another type is those which make you feel guilty for not forwarding it: a 3.5 months old baby is dying. Pass this email and you can help to raise 10 cents for her medication. No information about the illness, the hospital or even the country where this baby is supposed to be, or even the currency of that 10 cents. Or about the Corpus Christi movie. Pass this email and you can help a petition to stop the making of a blasphemous movie. Hmmph.
I never, as I remember, forward those kind of emails. Days ago I found many websites which explain the phallacy of all those hoaxes. I used to delete all those emails and mark the sender as spam; yet now I thought reply the email quoting the explanation about the hoax is a better idea. I did it twice; but none of my friends reply. May be they are angry to me because they think I purposely humiliate them, but I don’t. I just think that given our age, our access to internet, and our education, we should be able to pass trustworthy information. There is a saying, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”. I’ll alter it a bit: if we don’t have something trustworthy to share, share nothing. I vaguely remember a philosopher taught us that. A 3 measure of truth or something.


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  1. setuju bu tata. emang yang kayak gituan bener-bener mengganggu. ada orang yang kayaknya email dari dia semua forward-an doang. aku juga ada tuh yang kayak gitu. bukan cuman satu orang pula. dan salah satunya malah sepupu sendiri..
    apa susahnya sih mengecek dulu kebenarannya sebelum disebarkan kesana kemari?? 😦

  2. hehehehe…aku juga ada 1 teman yg email dari dia semuanya forward-an.aku dulu pernah baca tulisan yg bagus tentang seorang bapak yg mengeluhkan bhw generasi muda sekarang (kita dong ya?) bisanya cuma copy paste dan forward saja. coba kamu google ‘mula harahap’..sepertinya kamu bakal suka Sit, dia suka merepet jg :p

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