Meeting with prof(s), Friday, 5 Sept 08

Do not worry too much; just write a paper on the modified M-H algorithm, and let us judge whether it is: 1) publishable 2) not good enough to be published now, but still can be put as possible contribution on the upgrading report 3) forget it, just use the original algorithm and rely on the probabilistic slope stability analysis for your contribution.

Surely that conclusion is not something to be boast about, but I am really grateful. I know that things can be much worse. I am grateful, as this modified algorithm is almost purely my idea (I had to admit that Prof Q mention ‘keep generating’ long time ago). It might not be a breakthrough, yes; but it is something. And I have learnt how difficult it is to find even something. I am grateful as none of the 3 possible outcome of their judgment  means dead-end for my upgrading. Even when the worst happens, i.e. option 3, I still have the slope stability for upgrading.

It is really, as Siti puts it, a light in the middle of a tunnel 🙂