I often heard, at least in the church, people talk about vocation. And somehow, they tend to use this term to refer to the special calling to be a pastor or a missionary. They sometimes use a term ‘serving God’ to refer to this vocation. When they find a young person who is particularly smart, religious, and actively involved in church, they tend to suggest him / her to study theology. However, I believe that each person has their own special vocation. St Paul told us that we are like parts of a body, where each part has special task and importance.

During the last 2 years, every time I think about vocation, these always come to my mind: that the Lord may be sensed by a child through the loving touch and pious simplicity of a mother; that a student may see a glimpse of the Almighty through the brilliance and humility of a professor; that a believer can find his brethren not only in the church but also in the school and workplace. So currently, I think that is my vocation: a mother whose children can have a foretaste of Him who is Love through my maternal love; a wife whose husband can foresee the sacred relation between Our Lord and His Church; and a teacher whose student can learn joyfully from. May be this will change as time goes by, but I think my principle will be the same: every profession is also a vocation. We do serve Him from whom all blessings flow through our work. Not only in the church, but also in our daily workplace. After all, it is the work of our hands which become our Bread of Life.

I found a similar idea when I read the summary of Christifideles Laici. I will write it down when I have time.


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