I never have many friends. That’s a fact. I seldom think about it; but times after times, there are things remind me about that. Initially I intend to write about some princesses making me upset lately… but then I think about something better to write. So let’s re-start.

I never have many friends. That’s a fact. I seldom think about it; but times after times, there are things remind me about that. On the day of my sister’s 17th birthday, we were surprised as the whole of her class (and also some students from other class) came to our house to surprise her (how they succeeded!). Now, it was a spontaneous action. We did not hold any party or celebration; they just came, had a good time together, ate some snacks, and went home. On my 17th birthday, if I remembered correctly, less than 5 schoolmates wished me happy birthday. The fact that we have Chemistry EBTANAS on that very day may partially account for it; but my being quiet and (sometimes) weird is the main reason, I guess. When I was a third year undergrad student in ITB, one of my senior had his final-project presentation. He got a tough examiner and many of his batchmates gather outside the exam room. When he came out from the room, they wait together with him for the announcement. When the examiners announced that he passed, they all laughed, cheered, and even hugged him. What about my final-project presentation? I don’t think my batchmates even knew that I had my presentation on that day. I had my presentation earlier than them, so may be they were busy with their own projects.

But along my seemingly friendless life, there is an exception; and that was the girls of Aria Jipang 6. I spent almost 4 years of my college life with these girls. On my first days there; I did not imagine that I will get along so well with them. But I really get along so, so well with them. This is surprising as we are all have very different backgrounds and personality. I was the only Chinese there (before Maria came) and living with people from various backgrounds was a new experience to me; but that never created a problem. Dissy is a rather shy person (in my opinion) so that when I know she will occupy the room next to me, I was wondering what we will converse about. And it turns out she was not shy at all! She is very creative; her ideas are always fresh (compared to my all-too-conservative ideas); she even helped me making my final-project presentation. Even my prof was surprised to see my colourful background! And there was Siti, who turns out to be one of my closest friend. Nothing beats the excitement of criticizing a book or a movie with her! She lent me many good books, and she introduced me to Tolkien and Holmes:) Even now, after almost 2 years since we part; we still chat frequently. Really, I think I have never maintained such close contacts with any of my high school or church friends. One of many sweet memories I cherish about Aria Jipang 6 is our dinner time. I almost never had my dinner on my room. We always gather in Dyah’s or Juwi’s room (because they have TV hehehe). Eh, I also had TV! Why we never gather in my room, I wonder? Juwi is a very interesting person. Most of the time she always cheered us up although when she got her period she used to kick us from her room, which used to be our meeting room. During the last semesters, when Dyah had graduated and worked in Jakarta and Juwi too busy with her final project, I often came to Maria, Siti or Dissy to have dinner together. On my last semester there, I stopped ordering the catering and every evening the three of us went out together for dinner. May be for those people having so many friends, going out for dinner with friends is a trivial thing. But to me, those evenings on Sari Bundo was so worth remembering. Nowadays, when I came to my flat late, tired after a full day of work, and finding all my flatmates are busy with themselves or have not come home; sometimes I think how nice it will be if I still live with those Aria Jipang girls. I will just intrude to their rooms; telling them all my prof critical comments; and they will make me laugh.

A week ago, when I told my parents about those princesses making me upset; I asked them, “Am I so weird that nobody wants to be my friend, or at least my flatmates?”. It was my father’s answer which makes me write this post. He said, “Of course not! You do have friends. Remember Aria Jipang? You got along so well with Siti, Dissy, Jumilah (hihi sorry Ju…I have no idea how my father mispelled your name) and all the others. Let those princesses be”. And he’s right. I do have friends. Everytime people say otherwise, I’ll remember Aria Jipang 6.