who had the idea of establishing a phd program from the first place?

why sometimes the world seems so unfair? why a friend got a very encouraging praise for her hardwork from her boss, while mine said from the very beginning that hard work is not enough in research? why silly-shallow-but-pretty girls are more appealing to smart, succesful men? why Mr Oleson married Harriett and showered her with all luxury; while good-hearted, wholesome Caroline must work hard for all the days of her life? Why silly, snob Amy marry handsome-romantic-rich Laurie? It should be Beth!!!! Or at least, Jo! Oh, and it happens too in real life! Not that I want a rich man or hate work. It is only…sometimes it is so irritating to see all those silly, snob, but luckily pretty girls. All they know is only dress, make up, hairdo,… and men like all those!

I miss Christmas time in my home. I miss home and my parents, who always shield me from seeing such unfairness.