Doulos is coming to Singapore!!! Last year, I heard about this floating bookshop for the first time and I became so interested. They came to Singapore in 2006, so I thought it would be long until they stop here again. But now she is in Vivo City from 2 – 7 Dec 2008, after visiting East Timor last month. I hope I can find time to visit the ship.

MV Doulos
MV Doulos

Today there is a new Australian girl in our Sunday School class in Orchard church, and when she introduced herself she said she will stay for only 1 week, because she lives in that Doulos ship. We (I mean the teachers, not the kids) were all surprised and excited, and we asked her so many questions. When the kids learnt that this new blonde girl has spent 7 out of 10 years of her life in a ship, they were “wow” and “ahh” and joined us in interviewing the girl.  Madeleine, that is her name, is a pretty and cheerful girl. She answered each question clearly and attentively. She shared with us that the purpose of Doulos is to ‘bring knowledge, help, and hope’ to people all over the world. The main feature of this ship is its vast bookshop, which contains thousand books. She told us that it takes 12 hours for the crew to put all the books neatly in the shelf each time they stop in a port and open the bookshop to public. Through this bookshop, they wish to share knowledge to people in distant places, which may rarely have access to good books. She said that the crew also do more practical things such as teaching the local people, providing medicines to them, etc.

Here is their website.


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  1. hey there!

    i was a port volunteer on the Doulos while it was in Fremantle, Western Australia.

    Was such a wonderful experience.

    The Doulos is indeed the greatest ministry afloat!

    Hope you get to meet more Doulos people and hear their testimonies … and enjoy the ship too.


  2. wah ta baru dengar (ato tepatnya baca 😛 ) aku ada floating book shop. uuh sepertinya menarikk.. poto-poto dunk ta. terus di-post di sini 😀

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