Patience is obviously not one of my virtue. I am easily annoyed when things do not go exactly as my plan. Someone says that I am impatient because my family is a very well-planned one. My parents used to plan almost everything: budgets, holiday, family events. That’s why I’m not used to surprise or change in plan. But even in my family, I am considered impatient. Now that I become a young adult and no longer a child, I realize that most things in life cannot be planned precisely. Unplanned things are sometimes even more enjoyable and cheers life up.

Yesterday I found the blog of Desiree Abdurrachim. She is one year my senior in ITB, and she was one of my inspiration since my first year. She was in Electrical Engineering and was known to be extremely smart. She won the ‘TPB Terbaik’ award in her first year — an award that I start desiring since my first day in ITB, but fail to win.  She won the prestigious Ganesha prize, joined an exchange program to Japan, and still managed to graduate gloriously.  She has just finished her master study in Holland. Having read her blog, I do think that she is really inspiring. Not only because she is smart, but also because of her positive attitude. When I read her writings I realize she is also an ordinary human like me, but she seems to be more patient, more eager to accept things and being grateful, and showing more care to people surround her. I wish (and I will work on it) that I can be more patient too.


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