Oma passed away last Saturday. Haven’t had time to ponder and write in details. Just stunned how people seems grow older very fast. How my friends are now with babies, my parents become opa & oma, and Oma had gone. Some scenes keep coming to my mind: how her old friends stood in silence and wept before her coffin, how beautiful her last photograph is, and how I feel so miserable when her coffin passed dr cipto for the last time.

And I feel a bit angry to some friends who do not even care to say their condolences to me. Not even sms or saying it directly to me. And Chris’ uncle& aunt who reside in Semarang, they don’t even bother to come. How dare they! They know my father, they even know Oma, and their nephew is in a relationship to me!  And when their son & his wife were here in hospital, I visited them at least 3 times!!!! To  me, this shows 1)how low they appreciate us 2)what kind of people they are.