daily life 23 April 09


I am happy these days because of my works (this is such a good news, isn’t it?).  First, I submitted the final paper for ICOSSAR and discussed with Profs financial plan for attending the conference. The finalization of this paper is not a big accomplishment as the major works have been done last semester. However, an acceptance letter of a paper really looks nice. And the plan to present in a conference sounds even more nice.

Second, we (Profs and I) agree to stop the extended numerical study on the Metropolis. Now I’m revising the paper and they will assess whether it is worth submitting. Surely this is not great, I have been working on Markov chain and Metropolis for more than 1 year and we are still not sure whether the final result is worth submitting. However, getting some parts done and moving to another part is relieving. I plan to get the paper done by 1 May and enjoying the labour day & weekend peacefully.

Did I mention about moving to another part? My third reason of being cheerful about my works is that I already have something in mind about what to do next when I’m wrapping up the current works. This is also new for me and I’m grateful for it. Along this 2 years of research, the part I don’t like the most is those days when the relief of finishing one part has begun to vanished and I’m still not sure what to do next. I planned to work on the probability model of the hydraulic conductivity (random field) or the rainfall (random process). I also thought that it will be good to set a conference paper as a short term goal for this work. Let’s say we will finish the model and writing a nice short paper within 3-4 months. As if answering my plan and thought, Prof informed me about an upcoming conference next year. He is organizing a section in reliability for that conference. And the summary of that section fits exactly with my thoughts: characterization of spatial variability- how to make inference from samples, simulation of random field and application of the random field model to real problems. I decide to work on the hydraulic conductivity first because literature suggests that its variability is significant. The rainfall can wait.

I also sense that my communication with Profs is getting better. Though I still feel as if I was going to see a dentist each time I present my results to them, I do think there is improvement in understanding among us.


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