Below are things I wish would like  plan to do or experience. Some things have been done, some others I plan to do in near future, the rest I plan to do at least before I die.

1. Go to Botanic garden just to sit and read. Tolkien’s letter would be suitable.

2. Be a volunteer in a hospital, museum, or tuition centre.

3. Be a church pianist. A real piano, not an electric one. Preferably a grand piano. Singing hymns, anthems and psalms, not strange new songs called contemporary songs with lyrics out from nowhere. And more importantly, a real church.

4. Attending international conferences and make the most of it. Presenting, getting to know great professors, looking around whether anyone needs a young faculty member.

5. Publish some publish-worthy works in respectable journals at an appropriate time.

6. Work as a researcher.

7. Work as a structural / geotechnical engineer. With PE qualification.

8. Handle my family business.

9. Stay and work in a small town / village in a Western country. For a year or two.

10. Getting married.

11. Be a mother.

12. Take a course in theology. Church history would be very appealing.

13. Have a good sleep and wake up naturally without alarm.

14. Wake up and knowing that I don’t need to rush.

15. Spend 3-4 days for prayers and reflection in a monastery.

16. Visit Taize.

17. Write books.

18. Teach my children math.

19. Teach them to love it.