wish list

Below are things I wish would like  plan to do or experience. Some things have been done, some others I plan to do in near future, the rest I plan to do at least before I die.

1. Go to Botanic garden just to sit and read. Tolkien’s letter would be suitable.

2. Be a volunteer in a hospital, museum, or tuition centre.

3. Be a church pianist. A real piano, not an electric one. Preferably a grand piano. Singing hymns, anthems and psalms, not strange new songs called contemporary songs with lyrics out from nowhere. And more importantly, a real church.

4. Attending international conferences and make the most of it. Presenting, getting to know great professors, looking around whether anyone needs a young faculty member.

5. Publish some publish-worthy works in respectable journals at an appropriate time.

6. Work as a researcher.

7. Work as a structural / geotechnical engineer. With PE qualification.

8. Handle my family business.

9. Stay and work in a small town / village in a Western country. For a year or two.

10. Getting married.

11. Be a mother.

12. Take a course in theology. Church history would be very appealing.

13. Have a good sleep and wake up naturally without alarm.

14. Wake up and knowing that I don’t need to rush.

15. Spend 3-4 days for prayers and reflection in a monastery.

16. Visit Taize.

17. Write books.

18. Teach my children math.

19. Teach them to love it.


2 thoughts on “wish list

Add yours

  1. ta, nomor 3 kan udah. apa dulu di gii bukan grand piano? *gak penting 😛
    no.5 bukannya udah tercapai tuh? 😉
    no.12, di nus gak ada kuliahnya?
    16. Taize apaan ta??
    Finally, no.13 sepertinya susah untuk kamu :))

  2. hehehe. iya kan aku bilang some things have been done. grand piano.
    no 5 belum…semoga…kan masih dalam tahap revisi dan review (udah review ke 2 nih)
    no 12 ga ada.
    Taize kl ga salah nama daerahnya. tapi yg aku maksud, di Taize ada sebuah biara yg terbuka utk para peziarah, khususnya orang2 muda. coba lihat wiki.
    uhuhuhu benar sit, no 13 susah. biasanya aku terbangun ‘naturally’ setelah 10 jam dari waktu tidur. huhu.

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