Marriage is a really interesting topic. The scope of discussion is very wide (you can discuss it from the religious, practical, economic, romantic, or cultural point of view), there are many strange special cases, and there is a flavour of uncertainty in it (my great grandfather once said to my mom that marriage is a gambling).

Since I’m old enough to understand the concept of marriage and choice, I have seen some strange cases. To be more specific, some people do make odd choice. I’m sure all of you have known — at least one — couples that you think are so unsuitable that you wonder how they ever decided to get married.

I know a smart, goodlooking, healthy man with a bright career (a director of a big company at early thirty, mind you!) and an untarnished family background. He chose to marry a very, very plain lady. Now, I don’t mean to judge or underestimate anyone, but that’s how the facts I know about her shape my opinion of her. Maybe I know too little about her, but she seems so very plain. Got a bachelor degree from a relatively unknown college, work as a secretary, a rather questionable family background, not very pretty nor sexy (I’m trying to look at it from a man’s point of view), never heard that she is very impressive at cooking, sewing, or anything. So? And I also know a girl, a bright, healthy girl from a relatively rich family. Falling for a man almost twice her age, with a so-so career and unclear background. When I was a teenager, I thought those cases as a pure true love. Now, I think those are simply madness unwise choice.

As I wrote the above paragraph, I remember the Edward VIII – Wallis Simpson spectacular marriage. For those of you who don’t really read history, Edward VIII was a king of England (he is Queen Elizabeth’s uncle) but he fell in love with Mrs Simpson (yes, Mrs, with a very much alive husband). The parliament and the Church of England objected to their getting married, and Edward chose to abdicate rather than accepting ‘the duty of a king without the woman he loves’. What a soap-opera story! Again, when I first read about them (was only a young teenager then), I thought it is so romantic in the fashion of Cinderella. But now, I think it was so irresponsible for one to abdicate for such reasons. What about responsibility and duty to one’s family, and (in Edward’s case) one’s country? At least Cinderella was a maiden! (though I think it is also unfit for a prince to marry a servant girl never trained to be a lady).

Well,  only my random thoughts. After all, people can only see a marriage from outside. It is those inside the marriage who know whether they made a wise choice.


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