daily life 26 Aug 09

A friend wrote in her Facebook page: “feeling the joy of motherhood”. Another friend posted photos of her cute baby. Another friend — who I heard is having her wedding soon — is busy posting “me and hunnie” photos. 

Here I am, in my comfortable cubicle at 8 pm, trying to figure out what to do with the random field and checking my to do list (which contains reviewing paper, making presentation, submitting assignments and reading Poirot before the library due date; instead of prewedding, invitation cards and dress-fitting).

And instead of envying my friends with their seemingly happy marriage life, I have to pray hard not to looking condescendingly on them. As always, humility is not my forte 😦


3 thoughts on “daily life 26 Aug 09

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  1. maksudku maju terus menjalani hidupmu dengan cara yang kamu yakini ta. karena kebahagiaan dan kesuksesan itu berbeda-beda untuk setiap orang (deeeeuh bijaksananya aku 😀 ).
    eh serius lo ini. aku sangat mengagumi dirimu yang tau apa yang kamu mau (dan sangat enjoy menjalaninya) karena aku sendiri belum yakin dengan yang kujalani..

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