These days when I want to have a quick refreshing I don’t really know what to do. I used to enjoy browsing, but now I don’t have any specific websites that attract my attention. I’m thinking to bring a book to read but I’m afraid that will be not-so-quick refreshing 😀 Moreover, somehow I start feeling that reading is not as productive as writing.

Facebook? Well, you need to have real friends first before you can enjoy such networking sites. I mean, most of the so-called friends in your page might be those whose invitation you approved just because you thought rejecting the invitation is rude. In my case, I think only 5-10 persons out of hundreds ‘friends’ in my fb really care about me and I them. And as the bird of same feather flock together, those 5-10 persons are in a way like me: not so talkative, not so aggresive in showing new pictures, not so actively changing their status message.  So what’s there to comment?

As for the rest of persons in my ‘friends’ list, sometimes I am really tempted to write some comments on their status.  However, as those comments more often than not are triggered by contempt, I prefer not to write it.  I think I may be able to write a short story based on my conceived comments. Like Agatha Christie said, “she takes revenge on the world by her pen…” Somehow I find that idea amusing, though I’m not sure whether it is virtuous to entertain that idea.