There are times when one feels the longing to have friends or companions.  To have some persons (a few will do, it doesn’t have to be many) who enjoy having a chat with you, hanging out together sometimes; who have some similar interests and make the time to pursue those with you.  To have some persons who call you and ask you to go together just because they want to be with you. Not because they want to ‘interview’ you and know your private matters. Not because they have special interest in you and want you to be their girlfriend. Not because it is their duty to befriend you.  Not because they want to convert you to their belief. Not because you can always come with witty remarks and cheer up the situation.

Recently I realize how I enjoy reading those ‘best-friend’ type of books (e.g. Babysitters club, Betty and Veronica, Famous Five) and how I value the friendship presented in the books. In such stories, the characters are friends simply because they like to do something together, not because they are supersmart or superkind or anything.

*currently experiencing such times, I think*


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