continual ‘stretching’

I feel that everytime I reach a point (with much efforts), immediately I am asked to take a step further. I spent many months studying Metropolis algorithm, and just when I began to understand it, I was challenged to improve its efficiency. I have tried to understand how to do research, and just when I start having hope to understand it, my second deadline is approaching. Just when I think I know something on structural reliability, I am expected to answer questions on that topic. Just when I begin to enjoy living on my own, I am expected expect to … start a family ?

Maybe stretching is good for growth, but sometimes I feel rather tired and doubt whether I am up to the task.


One thought on “continual ‘stretching’

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  1. bu tata mau nikaahh 😀
    tuntutan hidup memang tidak ada hentinya. lulus SMA dituntut masuk univ bagus. dah kuliah dituntut lulus tepat waktu. udah lulus dituntut dapat kerja. dah kerja dituntut nikah. dah nikah dituntut punya anak. laah terus aja. bisa-bisa kita kehilangan makna hidup karena sibuk mengikuti tuntutan yang tidak ada habisnya.
    itulah gunanya kita percaya pada yang di Atas.

    nb: ih bijaksana banget aku 😛

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