Daily life 26 June 2010

1. Made a summary of works done on 2009 – 2010. Some excerpts:

April 2010:  (1) try some adaptive M-H algorithms for high dimensional problems (without success, but at least gain some knowledge) (2) write ASRANet paper (3) advanced FEM exam — my last module!

May 2010: (1) attend SEAGC (2) review Z paper (3) finally got some good results for the transient analysis, which I have been working on since May last year!

June 2010: (1) write 6MIT paper based on the long-expected transient results (2) prepare ASRANet ppt (3) compare original & modified M-H with the same computational cost (4) revise PREM paper accordingly.

2. To do list for July 2010: (1) write chapter 4 based on SEAGC paper and the new transient results (2) write chapter 6 based on ICOSSAR and 6MIT paper (3) write literature review. Seems rather ambitious…just try to do and see how much I can accomplish.

3. My sister is expecting her second child. Finally!

4. Got gum infections — settled it by visiting a dentist. Realized that my backpain is still there after 1 year — try to see a doctor, buy a new mattress and swim regularly.

5. A series of engagement in the family, which indicates a series of wedding next year.  A cousin is getting engaged tomorrow, another cousin proposed to his girlfriend last month and will marry in December, two cousins will have their engagement later on this year and their wedding next year. Naturally, they all ask my parents about my plan. Which they properly answer with ‘no idea, she is still a student’.


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