Daily life 15 July 2010

1. Finish the draft for Chapter 4. Writing Chapter 6 and realized that my case study is not realistic, so I re-do the whole thing. Still waiting for the subset results.

2. Prof P suggested another possible application, which I think is interesting — has browsed some papers, but have not found a suitable example for 1D flow.

3. Review the second paper from Prof Q. Rather difficult to follow, the idea is interesting but I don’t really understand why and how it is better. Today I force myself to write my review, and it is really true that writing helps a lot in understanding.

4. Finally finished the Complete Sherlock Holmes (sigh). I almost finished it last year but then decided to save 4 last stories (Shoscombe Old Place, Lion’s Mane, Retired Colourman, and the Veiled Lodger).  Two days ago I finally read those stories. A bit sad… there will be no more Holmes! Not really interested to read those written by other authors.

5. Manage to find friends to have lunch and dinner with. What an accomplishment!


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  1. Hi, my name is Tammy and I am a 5th-semester phd student in Indonesia. My topic is about financial innovation and i’ve already passed my proposal examination on April 2016. the next step will be disseminating the questionnaire to the companies that would be my respondents, but my professor X suggested to check on the indicators again. So I am working on it now.
    I should be a fulltime phd student because I took study leave from my current job, but the reality is I am also fulltime mother of two kids, 11 and 7 years old.
    If a real full time phd student can work full time from 9 am to 8 pm, I only can work for my dissertation from 7 to 12.30 because i have to pick up my kid. The remaining afternoon I will be busy with the kids’ logistic, taking care of extra activities from school, cooking for the family, and so on.
    I know I can not run from reality but somehow reading your articles make me pleased because the phd life is exactly as you say : reading, thinking, writing, printing, and.. confused. When it comes time to consultation, I almost forgot what i’ve written. It’s so frustating and stressing.
    At this time i didn’t feel happy of my achievement in the study, but i try to look for happiness surrounding my kids.
    I hope right now you have finished the phd program and have a wonderful income as the compensation. If not, at least you are happy because you earned the phd degree.

    thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Terima kasih sudah berbagi cerita. Benar2 salut untuk para ibu yang bisa studi lagi (sekarang saya juga sudah jadi ibu jadi kira2 tau sibuknya seperti apa).
      THank you for the well wishes, yes I finished the phd. As for the wonderful income, hmm yes and no: I am happy with what I am making now, though most people will not call it wonderful, and objectively, my income may not be far higher than what other (non-phd) people with similar jobs are making. but then, wonderful income was not what I aimed at when I decided to do phd. So at the end, I get what I wanted. As for happy because I earned the degree, there are times when I feel so stupid for wasting 4.5 years of my productive , free (before marriage, before kids) life to do phd, but there are other times when I feel so grateful that I have spent my days studying, thinking, and writing.

      Semangat yah!

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