1. Finish the draft for Chapter 4. Writing Chapter 6 and realized that my case study is not realistic, so I re-do the whole thing. Still waiting for the subset results.

2. Prof P suggested another possible application, which I think is interesting — has browsed some papers, but have not found a suitable example for 1D flow.

3. Review the second paper from Prof Q. Rather difficult to follow, the idea is interesting but I don’t really understand why and how it is better. Today I force myself to write my review, and it is really true that writing helps a lot in understanding.

4. Finally finished the Complete Sherlock Holmes (sigh). I almost finished it last year but then decided to save 4 last stories (Shoscombe Old Place, Lion’s Mane, Retired Colourman, and the Veiled Lodger).  Two days ago I finally read those stories. A bit sad… there will be no more Holmes! Not really interested to read those written by other authors.

5. Manage to find friends to have lunch and dinner with. What an accomplishment!