daily life 1 Sept 2010

1. Found an interesting fact: i^i is a real number!

exp(a+ib)=exp(a)[cos(b)+i sin b], where i = sqrt(-1)

exp(i pi/2)=cos(pi/2)+i sin pi/2 = i

i^i = [exp(i pi/2)]^i = exp (i^2 pi/2) = exp (-pi/2)

2. Perhaps faintly related to point 1, I have been thinking about what modules I would be interested (and might someday be able ) to teach. Engineering math comes first to mind, followed by statics and mechanics, structural analysis, finite element, probability and statistics, and reliability. I remembered also past favourites such as earthquake engineering, steel design and concrete design; but to be realistic, I do not currently have practical experiences needed to teach design courses. And in the near future, it seems that my priority is still in acquiring research experiences and not professional design experiences. In the end of my contemplation, I realize (a little sadly) that perhaps I will not be an engineer who builds many structures like my father, but a rather pedantic researcher.

3. Have been suffering from (or enjoying?) Faramir madness for 3 days. I have loved him since I first read (not watch, thank you very much) the Return of the King, yet at that time I only felt admiration and sighed that such a noble man exists only in Tolkien’s world. But these 2 days, I was rather overwhelmed by my feelings. I — who have never been a fan of anything or anyone, even in my teenage days — actually feel that I miss Faramir, that I long to love and be loved passionately by someone like him. In fact, yesterday and the day before, I pushed aside my precious thesis (which usually is my first priority, even my boyfriend sometimes comes second, I have to admit) and spent my days reading and re-reading the Return of the King, Faramir fanfictions, any Faramir facts I can find; and daydreaming. Realizing that I actually act like a silly teenager falling in love with someone who is not even real, I cannot think of an alternative analysis but that I must have lived without romance for too long and began to miss it. Yes, I deliberately avoided reading any romance since that painful December, and when reading Tolkien I do not expect to find romance. A romance in a class of its own, no less. And the realization that I have perhaps lived without romance makes me worried about my current relationship.

4. Met my prof this morning and he mentioned a possible postdoctoral position which I might apply for. In normal situation, I would have been so happy and smiling all day. Yet today I remain in my longing-Faramir mood. I began to think that I might have a problem 😦


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