O mighty author!

Few signs that I may have been reading too much Tolkien:

1. I have pictured my professor as Gandalf lately. (My old and wise professor, not the younger one).

2. When I come upon words such as celebrant, celebration, I tend to read it as ‘kelebrant, kelebration‘.

3. I searched and read an ancient poem just because Tolkien found his ‘eala Earendel engla beorhtast‘ in it. (The poem is ‘Christ’, an Old English poem by Cynewulf. Turned out to be a beautiful and reverential poem).

4. I smiled uncontrollably, or at least my heart smiles even when I manage to control my lips, everytime I come upon the word ‘steward’. Let alone ‘my Lord Steward’.

5. When I sang the sentence ‘to our race so freely given’ in the hymn ‘For the beauty of the earth’ lately, somehow I think “yes, He is really merciful to our race. What a pity the elves are bound to this world, unlike us”.

6. I genuflect more reverently these days. Somehow Tolkien helps me to understand what it means to bow before my King.


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