“I can never finish this on time”, the little girl grumbled.

Her mother stared at her for a while and smiled. “Do you know how we got your name?” she asked.

Her face still buried deep in her books, the girl muttered, “Of course. You are a Tolkien fanatic and Father did not let you named me Arien, for which I am thankful to him.”

Her mother laughed. “Perhaps I should rephrase my question. Do you know the meaning of your name?”

“Sort of. The mightiest of the three …spirit of the wind…”

Her mother moved from the chair and sat beside her in the floor. “Yes, it is the mightiest, but what is its power? Perhaps you should remember that it is most valued because it preserved the beauty of the earth. In other words, it fought against time and win”.

“So perhaps”, her mother said while tidying up her scattered notes,”my Vilya will not let time beats her so easily”.