I believe that someday I will find someone who understands and cherishes me,

who understands how I am thrilled by heroic deeds,

who understands how words and stories can moved me so,

who understands how some ancient hymns can moved me to joy, elation, tears, and pride, and hopefully shares these feelings,

who understands why Tolkien and Lewis and Newman and Holmes are so important to me, and why I would make my children read them,

who understands and shares my faith,

who understands that I am in love with the Church, and helps me to love the Lord more,

who understands why I find it amusing to memorize the list of British monarchs from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II,

who understands that while I am pragmatic most of the time, I am incurably romantic inside,

who understands that I can be so devoted to my loved ones, and long to receive similar devotion,

who understands that while I am willing to be with my loved ones in health and in sickness, in wealth and in poverty, in good times and in bad times, I surely can be less willing if the sickness, poverty, and bad times are somehow caused by them,

who understands why I have to pursue a PhD,

who appreciates my plans and dreams,

who understands why I insist that plans, dreams and ambition are very important in life,

who understands why it is important to be frugal yet presentable,

who still loves, cherishes and desires me after reading this silly list.