Many good things

I have just realized how so many good things have come from England. Or perhaps the UK, to be more precise. Few days ago, when I was having a shower, suddenly I thought, “why, it is the land of Tolkien and Lewis and Holmes! And Newman! And Elizabeth I and Victoria! And George MacDonald!”

And now, after finding this beautiful music, I should say, “And of John Rutter!” 

The above is the first piece of Rutter’s Requiem.  I was awed by the change of atmosphere at bar 21 (around 1.18 minute of the video, at the F major chord).  The beginning of the song sounds bleak and gloomy, as if we walked in a dark forest. But at bar 21, the whole atmosphere changes: it was as if we suddenly found a river runs gracefully, which somehow reminds us that we are coming through this dark forest to a green pasture, where the sun shines gloriusly and the wind blows sweetly.  We are not there yet, we are still in the forest, but somehow we no longer doubt that the green pasture is there waiting for us.

*to attest to my growing Tolkienism, when I listened to this song for perhaps the 10-th time, I began to picture the funeral of Eowyn, and one of her grandaughter sang this tune (with different words, of course, there was no concept of Kyrie eleison or Domine in Middle-earth). And at the change of atmosphere at bar 21, she came to her grandsire and embraced him.  Aarrgh, enough of this prattle!

Now, the 6th piece of Rutter’s Requiem makes me feel as if I was in the green pasture that I mentioned.  The whole piece is anything but dark or gloomy. It is peaceful and joyful, though I cannot say cheerful.

*is it only me or the piano parts at the intro does give us similar feeling as some of the Howard Shore’s LOTR songs do?


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