And new strength, new work will meet

1. Last weekend I recorded the first part of the online lecture note. Surprisingly, I found recording the lecture rather fun. I gratefully consider it as a good sign that I may enjoy teaching.

2. Prof P gave me back my thesis draft. His comments are encouraging. Nevertheless, there are much to work on. Now it seems that we can hope to submit the thesis by the due-date, which is 6 weeks from now.  I am grateful that I have really remarkable professors.

3. It’s good that I recorded the first part last weekend. This week I will have to work on the thesis intensively. I still have to prepare the other 3 parts of the lecture note and finish it by first week of January (should I say by Epiphany? but second week may still be acceptable). Need to think about the seminar as well.

4. Christmas is approaching and this will be my first Christmas away from home. Po & Mo said perhaps they will come and celebrate Christmas here, but it is not confirmed yet. Anyway I don’t think I will have time to feel lonely with all the thesis revision. Both of my profs confirmed that they are not taking any Christmas break, so the three of us will probably be working (I mean, I will be working, they will be …, well, supervising?) on the thesis on Christmas week. 

5. Watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows on Monday. I should admit it is entertaining.  Which makes me think: Harry Potter is entertaining, but Tolkien is haunting, and Phantastes oozes goodness.

6. Finished reading Phantastes by George MacDonald on Tuesday. I cannot say the book is entertaining. The first few chapters are rather boring, but after Anodos lost the white lady in the palace, it is anything but boring. The book is not captivating: it is not the kind of books that you cannot put down once you read it. But in the end, it makes you think about your life. And as I said, the book oozes goodness.

7. The title of this post is taken from a poem in Phantastes. The poem is sung by the knight with the rusty armour (Sir Percival?) after he killed a dragon. When I read the poem, I just finished writing a paper and a part of the lecture note, and wished to have a break, but then Prof P gave me back the thesis.  So I found the poem very apt: new strength for new work!


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