Random thoughts

  1. Want to learn humility? Try ICA level 5 or E1A level 7.
  2. I took a wrong bus yesterday.  I was quite sure it was bus 151, but it turned out to be bus 74 (quite far removed, as Siti pointed out).  This happened to me once before, about three years ago.  On another occasion, I took the correct bus, but I sat happily in the bus and did not realize that it passed my destination.  On all these three occasions, my mind was clearly wandering elsewhere.
  3. G.K. Chesterton  often missed his trains.  He often had to send a telegram to his wife asking for direction.  Now, before you accuse me of a delusion of grandeur, no, I do not claim any similarities to the great thinker.
  4. That makes me think, when a great person displays some eccentricities or quirkiness, people often say that those are actually a sign of his greatness.  His mind is filled with great things so that he did not pay attention to trivial, mundane matters.  When a common person displays the same eccentricities, people will say that those are actually a reason for his mediocrity.  How can one be great if he could not even concentrate, so they would say.
  5. Attended a presentation by a newly-recruited faculty member in my department.  Just like me, she just graduated with PhD.  She is pretty, carries herself gracefully, and has a gentle voice.  The presentation was fine (but not great, I noticed with inward satisfaction).  The fact remains true: she is a faculty member and I am not.  Yet.
  6. That fuels me to settle my faculty application as soon as possible.  Which brings us to point #1 above.
  7. My professors said there is no harm trying.  Chris also said so, though knowing me better than they do, he added that there is the harm of suffering rejection.  I confidently repeated that there is no harm trying when I told my parents about this application, yet inwardly I agree with Chris.  Of course there is harm! Rejection is not something that I accept calmly.  But in my chosen profession, I guess rejection is something that will come often.  So I might as well learn to accept it (at least less furiously – calmly is too ideal a goal for now).
  8. Writing the cover letter and statement of interest was not easy, yet not so difficult either.  After all, this is basically singing our own praise, which is not very difficult for an ambitious person like me.  I just hope that I did not throw too much vibrato in the singing.

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