Hi, welcome to my site! 

I hope you find some things of interest to you in this site.  Your comments are appreciated and I will try to reply to every comment.

An ambitious little girl trying to pursue her dreams. Used to consider herself smart and intelligent, and used to have all things run smooth, she is totally unprepared to become a mediocre, or to accept the possibility of failure.

The above rant was all I put in this page when I started this blog.  I signed up to WordPress and wrote my first post one night in late 2007, as a way to vent my frustration.  I was in the beginning of my PhD then, confused and rather shocked to find that I am not as smart as I imagined.  My posts were more of less diary entries: I did not expect anyone to read them, and I wrote just to keep my sanity.

Now, four years from that frustrating night, things have changed and it seems fitting to re-write this page.  Sometime ago I found out that I enjoy weaving words together, and that it is really nice to have people commenting to my posts.  I read that people will be more disposed to read and leave comments when they know something about the writer.  So here is my attempt 🙂 

I am a woman, 26 years old (in 2011).  I live in Singapore.  Don’t you think it is very appropriate that a little but ambitious girl should live in this tiny yet ambitious country?  I am Indonesian by birth, so you will find some posts in Indonesian.  I am a Christian and I hope you would find my faith permeate through my writings.  Oh, and I am an enthusiastic Tolkien reader.  I read his books over and over, I often find myself daydreaming about Middle-earth, and I even write fanfiction.  So in this blog you will find many allusions to Tolkien and other writers commonly grouped together with him (C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, George MacDonald).  Another interest of mine is history, so sometimes I may prattle about kings and queens and heroes of old.

What do I do for a living? I am working in a university, I do research in engineering-related field.  I like my work, though sometimes I wonder whether a PhD in civil engineering should have imagined more about mechanics than about Middle-earth.  My profession is exactly the reason for this blog anonymity.  The battle for PhD has been fought and won, but the War of the Academia goes ever on like Bilbo’s road.  In other words, I am still in the job market, and in this job those hiring committees do search about you in internet.  It would not do for them to find out that the candidate they are considering spend her time making a comparative analysis on Hector of Troy and Faramir of Gondor. 



The beautiful picture in the header of this blog is cropped from the “White Ships from Valinor” by Ted Nasmith. Used with permission.