I have difficulty suppressing fangirlish giggles while watching Sherlock.  Considering that I always watched it in my office PC, it is rather disadvantageous to my professional image. I surf those Sherlock-mania tumblr sites practically every day.  The Final Problem gives the highest satisfaction so far. As a result of #2, now I smiled foolishly every... Continue Reading →


The Donkey

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a celebration of Jesus’s entry toJerusalem.  There are many peculiar things about this entry; perhaps the most obvious thing is that he rode a donkey.  The peculiarity of his choice of steed (the Synoptic Gospels noted that he specifically asked for the donkey) may have escaped us, to whom the story... Continue Reading →


In honour of St. Joseph, whose feast day (one of two days) is today. If the stars fell; night's nameless dreams Of bliss and blasphemy came true, If skies were green and snow were gold, And you loved me as I love you; O long light hands and curled brown hair, And eyes where sits... Continue Reading →

I am Sherlocked

Have you watched “Sherlock” produced by BBC?  If you have not, go and watch it!  I think people who have never heard of Holmes (poor souls!) and Sherlock Holmes purists alike may find this TV series delightful. “Sherlock” puts the titular character, the world’s only consulting detective, in 21st century London.  But the series preserve... Continue Reading →


I am scheduled to have an interview this Wednesday with that university located in fairy land.  I have started feeling nervous since last Friday.  I worried that my presentation is too simple, that I will embarass myself.  That has always been the chief worry of my life: I am afraid of embarassing myself. Last night I... Continue Reading →

Apologia Revisited

I was not well and took a day off from work last week.  It was on that day that I started re-reading Apologia.  I first read this book in 2008.  At that time I borrowed it from NUS library.  Many months after I finished the book, to my delight I found a copy (published by... Continue Reading →

Now go and fulfil your quest!

I have been reading the book “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper these days.  I may not completely understand or agree with every point in the book, but I readily accept the thesis of the book.  The thesis is this: that the meaning of our life, our existence, can only be found in seeing,... Continue Reading →

Translating IF by Rudyard Kipling

After getting my code run this evening, I gave myself a treat: spending two hours trying to translate “If” into Indonesian language. “If” is a famous poetry by Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936), an English poet and novelist.  This poetry has been translated into many languages.  The translation into Burmese was translated by none other... Continue Reading →

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