Would God that I had died for thee!

David, king of Israel, uttered that heart-breaking cry upon learning that his third son had been killed.  O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would God that I had died for thee! It occurred to me that many decades after, another parent in the same land might have uttered a similar lament.  As... Continue Reading →



I am scheduled to have an interview this Wednesday with that university located in fairy land.  I have started feeling nervous since last Friday.  I worried that my presentation is too simple, that I will embarass myself.  That has always been the chief worry of my life: I am afraid of embarassing myself. Last night I... Continue Reading →

Apologia Revisited

I was not well and took a day off from work last week.  It was on that day that I started re-reading Apologia.  I first read this book in 2008.  At that time I borrowed it from NUS library.  Many months after I finished the book, to my delight I found a copy (published by... Continue Reading →

Now go and fulfil your quest!

I have been reading the book “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper these days.  I may not completely understand or agree with every point in the book, but I readily accept the thesis of the book.  The thesis is this: that the meaning of our life, our existence, can only be found in seeing,... Continue Reading →

Open the doors!

Unbar the doors!  Throw open the doors! I will not have the house of prayer, the church of Christ The sanctuary, turned into a fortress.  The Church shall protect her own, in her own way, not  As oak and stone; stone and oak decay,  Give no stay, but the Church shall endure.  The Church shall... Continue Reading →

The noble centurion

The wise Roman centurion humbly acknowledged Thy glory and pronounced himself unworthy The praiseworthy man gained Thy praise but the Gospel did not tell of if Thou didst come under his roof We neither wise nor praiseworthy in our worship, oft less reverent his words we speak, oft less earnest But Thou, o Lord, in... Continue Reading →

It is Saturday, but Sunday is Coming

In the last part of the homily (when a homily can be written into 3 blog posts, you can imagine its length – fortunately the quality atoned for the length), the priest asked, ‘after the Good Friday, what next?’ After the crucifixion, no doubt the disciples of Jesus have doubts:  ‘Is it wrong to believe... Continue Reading →

But Why Should He Die?

Why should we have Good Friday? Why should Christ die? The formulaic answer is that He died to take away the sins of the world.  This year, during Lent and particularly these recent days, I try to answer this question.  And today I realized (again, through the homily – may the Lord bless RA!) that... Continue Reading →

How Should a King Die?

The way one faces an impending doom and death is often perceived as a measure of one’s greatness.  The last King and Queen of France were said to achieve in their death a greatness they had never been able to achieve in their life, for they faced the trials and the guillotine with remarkable composure1... Continue Reading →

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