Academia vs Industry: the Singapore case

Out of frustration, I started to compile some facts and opinions on academia vs industry.  I believe I’m not alone in this frustration, I believe that many of my fellow PhD graduates have experienced similar path: “yay I’m a PhD” – “I’m not yet competitive enough to be a faculty member in a decent university”... Continue Reading →


I could have danced all night!

Or more appropriately: I could have talked all day, I could have presented (my work) all day, and still have begged for more, I feel like I did spread my wings, and did a marvelous thing I've never done before, Of course I know what made it so exciting, why all at once my heart... Continue Reading →

Thesis submission

On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, submitted his 95 theses to his bishop. This eventually led to the Protestant Reformation. The word 'thesis' comes from a Greek word which means 'position'.  For someone to say that he has a thesis means that he has a clear and firm position regarding a certain... Continue Reading →

O child of mine!

These days I began to think and feel that in some ways, a thesis to a PhD student is not totally different from a child to a mother. Both are begotten through hard labour, and both make those who begot them keep thinking about them days and nights. When you submit your thesis for examination,... Continue Reading →

On dealing with PhD

It seems that my post about PhD program has interested some people. I would like to add some tips here, either for those considering PhD or for those whose spouse / children / friends are journeying on the PhD path. 1. I guess this advice is much heard of: PhD students should consider themselves working... Continue Reading →

Daily life 26 June 2010

1. Made a summary of works done on 2009 - 2010. Some excerpts: April 2010:  (1) try some adaptive M-H algorithms for high dimensional problems (without success, but at least gain some knowledge) (2) write ASRANet paper (3) advanced FEM exam -- my last module! May 2010: (1) attend SEAGC (2) review Z paper (3)... Continue Reading →

Catatan perjalanan (2)

Rabu, 16 Sept 09. Hari ini pergi ke conference dengan tekad: mengajukan pertanyaan. Hitung-hitung utk mengecek seberapa keras suaraku di tengah ruangan. Juga untuk membuka kontak dengan pembicara. Keynote lectures hari ini oleh Shinozuka (reliability analysis of port --sepertinya dia tertarik pada suatu sistem yang kompleks, tidak lagi pada analisis detail suatu struktur secara individu... Continue Reading →

Catatan Perjalanan (1)

Bila diminta membuat abstrak dari kesanku selama kunjungan ke Osaka minggu lalu, inilah yang terlintas di pikiran: aku merasa berada di jalan yang benar. Masih jauh dari tujuan, tetapi di jalur yang tepat. Menoleh ke belakang, aku sungguh bersyukur, dan takjub, bagaimana aku dapat sampai disini? Sabtu, 12 Sept 09.  Pagi  hari sudah selesai beres2, jadi... Continue Reading →

giving up a paper

might have to give up the GeoFlorida paper. I'm so upset. Prof said it's ok, but how can it be ok? We fail to generate a meaningful results, fail to meet the deadline, fail to achieve our objective. Yet we find that the problem is more interesting than we thought. Supposed to be working now,... Continue Reading →

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