I have difficulty suppressing fangirlish giggles while watching Sherlock.  Considering that I always watched it in my office PC, it is rather disadvantageous to my professional image. I surf those Sherlock-mania tumblr sites practically every day.  The Final Problem gives the highest satisfaction so far. As a result of #2, now I smiled foolishly every... Continue Reading →


Out of the depth

He covered his eyes with his hand.  Light, he thought with bewilderment, how can there be light in this place?  It had been long since he last saw any light, for he had long dwelt in the land of shadows. He opened his eyes again as he heard footsteps.  To his even greater bewilderment, he... Continue Reading →

The king and his son

I was listening to this wonderful music and suddenly found my eyes wet.  Don't you think that human history is very fascinating?  Yes, human history is filled with treachery and corruption.  But it is also filled with greatness and heroism.  When a father who had been betrayed by his son could still say, upon hearing of his... Continue Reading →

A different take on that occasion

She gave a small nod to let them know that she was ready.  Then trumpets were blown and a fanfare was played, announcing her arrival to all inside the church.  So she made her entrance and walked along the familiar aisle.  How many times has she walked along this aisle?  Her beloved Papa’s coronation, her... Continue Reading →

Translating IF by Rudyard Kipling

After getting my code run this evening, I gave myself a treat: spending two hours trying to translate “If” into Indonesian language. “If” is a famous poetry by Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936), an English poet and novelist.  This poetry has been translated into many languages.  The translation into Burmese was translated by none other... Continue Reading →

Aia Maria

On 25 March, the Church celebrates the announcement by the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would become the mother of Jesus. The celebration is referred to as the Feast of the Annunciation, or traditionally as Lady Day. In England, Lady Day was New Year’s Day up to 1752, when England moved from the Julian... Continue Reading →

Against time

"I can never finish this on time", the little girl grumbled. Her mother stared at her for a while and smiled. "Do you know how we got your name?" she asked. Her face still buried deep in her books, the girl muttered, "Of course. You are a Tolkien fanatic and Father did not let you... Continue Reading →

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