The Donkey

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a celebration of Jesus’s entry toJerusalem.  There are many peculiar things about this entry; perhaps the most obvious thing is that he rode a donkey.  The peculiarity of his choice of steed (the Synoptic Gospels noted that he specifically asked for the donkey) may have escaped us, to whom the story... Continue Reading →



In honour of St. Joseph, whose feast day (one of two days) is today. If the stars fell; night's nameless dreams Of bliss and blasphemy came true, If skies were green and snow were gold, And you loved me as I love you; O long light hands and curled brown hair, And eyes where sits... Continue Reading →

Improvements needed

I started wondering what's wrong with me. I went for a facial treatment and the beautician  pronounced that my skin is in a dire condition and I need to take a much better care of it. She's not the first to make such pronouncement, but this time I had to heed her advice, as the wedding day... Continue Reading →

I am Sherlocked

Have you watched “Sherlock” produced by BBC?  If you have not, go and watch it!  I think people who have never heard of Holmes (poor souls!) and Sherlock Holmes purists alike may find this TV series delightful. “Sherlock” puts the titular character, the world’s only consulting detective, in 21st century London.  But the series preserve... Continue Reading →

It is marvellous in our eyes

This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes. Elizabeth I of England, when she was told that she was Queen (17 November 1558) -- the words are from Psalm 118 The university in Elfland offered me the job on 23 December 2011.  After the  interview, being the dramatic creature that I am,... Continue Reading →

The courage of Man

Do you not think that Man is very brave? For we alone, of all creatures in our world, by the virtue of our reason, know that everything we build will one day become ruins. Yet build we still. In the last weeks of 2011, I saw things that made me think on man’s mortality and... Continue Reading →


I am scheduled to have an interview this Wednesday with that university located in fairy land.  I have started feeling nervous since last Friday.  I worried that my presentation is too simple, that I will embarass myself.  That has always been the chief worry of my life: I am afraid of embarassing myself. Last night I... Continue Reading →

Out of the depth

He covered his eyes with his hand.  Light, he thought with bewilderment, how can there be light in this place?  It had been long since he last saw any light, for he had long dwelt in the land of shadows. He opened his eyes again as he heard footsteps.  To his even greater bewilderment, he... Continue Reading →

The king and his son

I was listening to this wonderful music and suddenly found my eyes wet.  Don't you think that human history is very fascinating?  Yes, human history is filled with treachery and corruption.  But it is also filled with greatness and heroism.  When a father who had been betrayed by his son could still say, upon hearing of his... Continue Reading →

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