A time in life

There is a time in life when you suddenly realize that your parents will die someday.  Of course you know that everyone will die someday.  What I mean is that suddenly you realize that your parents are getting older (with accelerated aging rate), and that ‘someday’ may not be too far from today.  This wake... Continue Reading →


Would God that I had died for thee!

David, king of Israel, uttered that heart-breaking cry upon learning that his third son had been killed.  O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would God that I had died for thee! It occurred to me that many decades after, another parent in the same land might have uttered a similar lament.  As... Continue Reading →

To sleep and to wake

Some excerpts from George MacDonald’s “Lilith”. The titular character, Lilith (the princess), was an “angelic creature”, but she desired to be a goddess and turned to evil.  She was finally subdued by Mara (a representation of good), but she refused to repent. "Will you turn away from the wicked things you have been doing so... Continue Reading →

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